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 ZiggleBaby Cloth Diapers

Finally - a truly ONE SIZE cloth diaper!!!

Super soft, non-wicking outer fabric in Bright Bold Colors. Magic Dry Inner fabric to keep babies comfortable and rash free.

  • Fits all shapes and sizes of babies, from 6 pounds to 45 pounds, allowing for easy and seamless transition to potty training
  • Fluid proof leg gussets to contain all messes
  • Smooth touch hook and loop that doesn't scratch, pill or clog
  • Adjustable high absorbency soaker pad for maximum protection and minimum bulk
  • Save between $1,100 and $1,500 by using ZiggleBaby cloth diapers over disposables

ZiggleBaby Cloth Diapers

ZiggleBaby is proud to announce the launch of our brand new one size diaper. Available in a wide array of bold and bright colors, ZiggleBaby diapers will be a staple in your stash! The patented "fasten anywhere" tabs and outer fabric combined with magic dry inner fabric and leak-proof leg gussets offer a complete diapering system that is simple care, fast drying and easy to fasten on even the squirmiest of babies.

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ZiggleBaby one-size cloth diapers are available now in 6 great colors: Tangerine Orange, Lemon Yellow, Sky Blue, Razzle Red, Majesty Purple and Bubble Gum Pink.


What Makes Us Unique?

  • ZiggleBaby Diapers are ONE SIZE: adjustable cloth diapers allows for one diaper to fit all babies, from newborn to 3 years old
  • Easy cleaning: special ZiggleBaby soaker pads are waterproof and breathable. Ensures absorbency, quick dryness and a resistance to staining
  • Comfortable for babies - breathable, soft surfaces that keep babies happy!
  • Leak proof leg openings ensure no mess escaping from the diapers
 Traditional DiapersCloth Diapers
100% Eco-FriendlyXCheckmark
Easily Cleaned and ReusableXCheckmark
Economical; Cloth up to 90% Less ExpensiveXCheckmark
Healthy, Chemical-FreeXCheckmark
Produces Millions of Tons of Landfill WasteCheckmarkX
Less Likely to Result in Diaper RashXCheckmark

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